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One of Lynn’s greatest selling books of all time, “The FOG is Rolling In” reminds us of the timeless truths of living a life in God’s favor. This book is both practical and inspirational!

The F.O.G. Is Rolling In 

Books are $15 each

“It’s refreshing to meet a spiritual leader, like Lynn Wheeler, who is so transparent. Through his personal setbacks and pain Lynn reminds us that the reason the windshield is bigger than the rear view mirror, is because where we are going is more important than where we’ve been. John Palmer, President Emerge Ministries It is in the hearts of most people to rise with a “courageous spirit.” To be better. Better spouses, parents, etc. Generally speaking, better people. However, some people struggle with getting out of the ditch of despair. Life situations have left them emotionally beaten and bleeding. They live on “the other side of courageous” and they need help. This book will help you navigate through lifes difficult situations and get back the COURAGEOUS spirit. It will not only help you in your healing process, but it will help you help others. After life had left him in the ditch of despair, Lynn Wheeler shares of his personal journey back to the COURAGEOUS side of life. A journey that only worked because of people willing to help and the healing power of Jesus!”

The Other Side of Courageous

We have all been hurt by circumstances of life. We have all experiences set backs an emotional pain we felt like we would never recover from. Here are twenty examples of some things that may be a source of pain to so many, but we do have hope. We know that God not only heals our bodies but He is also the healer of the broken heart.

Playing Hurt: Life Hurts But God Heals

Have you met the world's most PRECIOUS royal puppy? Princess Charlotte of the kingdom of Nadelle, daughter of Queen Sharon, is gifted a new puppy for Christmas, a little morkie she names Chai Rose. As Princess Charlotte and Chai Rose adjust to life together, they become the best of friends and realize the importance of having a grateful heart.

Reveal of the Royal Puppy

by Karissa Wheeler

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