How to be an Instrument Rated Christian!  Instrument Rated is an aviation term. Many pilots are licensed to fly airplanes. They can take off, maneuver, and land the aircraft successfully. They do so by flying by landmarks. They use highways, rivers, mountain ranges, etc., to get to their destination. In other words,, they fly according to what they can see. However, there are other pilots who do not fly according to what they see, but by watching the instruments that are in front of them. They have put in the time and become disciplined to trust those instruments. This series will help you in the midst of the storms of life to become and Instrument Rated Christian!! Do not fly according to what you see but according to the Word of God!

Lynn uses the aviation term, “Instrument Rated” to share key principles on going through the storms of life.  This set contains 4 CD’s.